Vasily Kamensky, Tango s korovami: zhelezobetonnyia poemy – (Πατήστε το ΜΠΛΕ PDF LINK απο ΚΑΤΩ για να κατεβάσετε τη συλλογή)

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Vasily Kamensky
Tango with Cows: Ferro-concrete Poems – – – – PDF- – -LINK
(Tango with Cows: Ferro-concrete Poems)
Cover: Vasily Kamensky

Moscow, 1914

«Tango with Cows, offers a tour of Moscow’s urban entertainment. In his «ferro-concrete» (reinforced concrete) poems, Vasily Kamensky replaced grammar and syntax with a spatial arrangement of words that celebrates concrete as a dynamic force in the invention of the modern city. The artists discarded customary book materials and printed Tango on cheap wallpaper as a parody of urban bourgeois taste. By juxtaposing the urban tango—an erotic Argentine dance that arrived in Russia in 1913 via Paris—with the cows of rural Russia, Kamensky captured the tension poets and artists felt between the recovery of a rural past and the allure of an urban present in creating their art of the future.»



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